21 Top Tips for Completing your ACCEA Clinical Excellence Award application

18 June 2014
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1. Start well in advance, at least 1-2 months before the deadline especially if this is your first application. You will need several hours to achieve a high standard application.

2. Read the instructions very carefully. They change each year

3. Fill in the front page correctly. Common mistakes are to leave out the number of sessions you work and date of appointment as a consultant

4. Make a list of everything you do before trying to fill in the boxes. Consult your portfolio and brainstorm all your roles, clinical, teaching, publications, management, committees that you sit on etc. What have you introduced? What has changed in your department since you were appointed?

5. Provide tangible evidence for achievements whenever possible eg numbers, comments from external audit, quality assurance, GMC/Royal college/Deanery/GMC visits, hospital doctor awards etc

6. Avoid abbreviations Say what it means when you first include it

7. Do not start every sentence with "I"

8. Remember that you do not get marks for just sitting on a committee or having a certain role but for what you have achieved in that position.

9. You need to be as succinct as possible in order to get all that you have done into the sections. Write and rewrite each section making sure you use the maximum word and space count allowed.

10. Look at your application multiple times and at least 2-3 occasions as you will remember other things that you have done that need to be added in

11. Do not leave any section blank if at all possible. You will simply score no points and this will pull down your overall score – this is especially important when considering discretionary points in Trusts

12. Do not repeat the same things but in different sections. You only get the marks once and it does not read well

13. Ensure that you spell and grammar check your application. This will not be possible online. Therefore prepare it as a word document and cut and paste the relevant sections into the online form following the character limit.

14. If you have local points or an award then only put those things down which you have achieved since the last local level or award. If you are continuing to develop a service then this can be put down.

15. Make yourself sound wonderful whilst ensuring that you are completely honest at all times. Nothing reads worse than 5 people from the same department all claiming to be the lead person to bring in an innovation. Don't quote research more than 5 years old unless it is all you have or it was a Nobel prize winner!

16. If you have someone that you trust show your form to someone in your own specialty who has an award so that they can comment/a critical friend.

17. Submit your form for Royal college consideration if applying for a national bronze or higher award.

18. Submit your form to specialty associations if you do work for them as they submit an annual ranked list

19. If applying for a national award we encourage you to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. it for an MWF review before submitting it online when it will be too late to make changes

20. If you don't succeed get feedback both locally and regionally. This will help you to improve your form next year.

21. If at first you don't succeed, try again! Very few doctors get a national award at their first attempt, there are a lot of applicants and you will get more skilled at filling in the form.


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