26 April 2013
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The Medical Women's International Association (MWIA) takes a stand against cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation. Women are being pressured into thinking that all labia need to look the same and that if they differ, it is cause for surgery. G point augmentation, labial reduction, hymenal reconstruction, and clitoral repositioning are all part of the trend. "This is a modern day form of female genital mutilation for the developed world", says Dr. Shelley Ross, Secretary General of MWIA.

To make matters worse, the upcoming meeting of the International Federation of Gynaecologists and Obstertricians (FIGO) being held in Rome in October 2012 has the topic on their program, thus lending credence to this blossoming industry.

MWIA upholds the right of adult women to choose to undergo lawful medical and surgical treatments with informed consent.

MWIA opposes the promotion of surgical procedures that make unproven claims of enhancing female sexual satisfaction and/or attractiveness, states Professor Afua Hesse, President of MWIA. MWIA believes that promoting and performing such surgery carries significant risks of physical and psychological harm to women and girls.

MWIA is not the only organization opposed to this exploitation of women. The UKFeminista group organised a march last year in London, UK where the slogan was "Keep Your Mitts off Our Muffs" and that certainly says it all!

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