ACCEA Clinical Excellence Awards application 2015 open!

14 April 2015
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More Women must apply!

Clinical Excellence Awards recognise and reward NHS consultants aGlass Ceilingnd academic GPs who perform 'over and above' the standard expected of their role. The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards gives awards for quality and excellence, acknowledging personal contributions.

We want to encourage more and more women to apply for this award, to break the glass ceiling and reach the leadership positions you deserve!

MWF is a nominating body and want to assist as many MWF members as possible with their applications.

Therefore members who are applying for a new award or a renewal please submit your applications to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for review by Midnight Sunday 10th May 2015.

To receive MWF assistance you must be an MWF member. You can Join Us here.

You can download all the required forms here.

You will also need to complete this form when applying for assistance from MWF.

We also have also put together '21 Top Tips for Completing your ACCEA application' which we suggest you take a look at - here.

The overall deadline for applications is Wednesday 17th June at 5pm.

Medical Women's Federation
Tavistock House North,
Tavistock Square, London,
Tel: 020 7387 7765

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