Flexible Careers Committee publishes results of 2012 Flexibility and Equality Survey

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11 December 2013

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges Flexible Careers Committee has published the results of it's 2012 Flexibility and Equality Survey.AOMRC

The survey was devised to identify, and subsequently quantify, important current issues for less than full time doctors.

The report recommends an action plan for College and Faculty less than full time officers to take forward with their respective organisation.

For more info and to download the report, click here.


President's Blog - November 2013

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21 November 2013

FE CornishWhen we chose the title of our Autumn Meeting a year ago, 'Patients' and Doctors' Safety: Can Women Change the Culture of the NHS?', we could not possibly have known how topical it would be. Patient Safety has never left the headlines in the recent lambasting of doctors and the NHS. Our speakers, including Dame Fiona Caldicott, Vivienne Nathanson and Vicky Osgood, were inspirational and generated lively discussion. Kim Peters and Michelle Ryan discussed their work from Exeter University on Role Models and the need for role models at all levels, not just the ones at the top of the profession who might not seem attainable. We had about 100 delegates, ranging from medical students to professors, so opportunities for talking and networking were ideal.

Conference Review: Patients’ and Doctors’ Safety: Can Women Change the Culture of the NHS?

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21 November 2013


Patient Safety is transforming the culture of our National Health Service. The Medical Womens Federation Conference looked at a diverse range of factors affecting patient safety; from the reconfiguration of services, to the restructure of training and education of our workforce, to the wider public perception of the NHS and the pivotal role whistle blowing plays.


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