Dr Fiona Cornish - Interview: 'Women need role models in General Practice'

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15 May 2013

FE CornishInspiring interview in GP online by our President Dr Fiona Cornish - Read the article here.

Press Release: The Department of Health Review of Regulations on Cosmetic Interventions

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26 April 2013

Press Release 24/4/2013

The Medical Women's Federation is fully supportive of and endorses The Department of Health Review of Regulations on Cosmetic Interventions issued on 24/4/2013.

President's Blog

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18 April 2013

FE CornishMy blog in March featured inspirational women, but little did I know that April's headlines would be bursting with slogans about powerful women, dominated by tributes to Margaret Thatcher. I have been intrigued by the descriptions of her as a woman, from The Iron Lady, a feminist icon, unsisterly, a surrogate man, to "sacrificed her family life to get the job done", "exuded a combination of femininity and power" and "Some of us were making it long before women's lib was ever thought of" . Whatever we think of her politics, we tend to forget that just by doing her job, she made it easier for other women to occupy the most senior roles.


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