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Medical Woman Issue 1 Cover

You may have noticed that the MWF website and Medical Woman magazine have been a bit quiet over the last few months; this is because we at MWF central office along with our editor Dr Sara khan have been busy beavering away.

Our newly redesigned magazine has gone to print today and will be landing on your doormats shortly, if it has not done so already. For students we will be sending Medical Woman in an electronic form via email. Take a sneak peak at the ezine here, free for the fisrt isue only! Our annual review and accounts will also be sent to all members via email.


Here are some teasers of what you can expect from the new magazine:

• Medical Leadership: Tips to get females to the top

• Our new fictional character: Dr Iona Frock

• In the Hot Seat: Professor Jane Dacre, UCL

Twitterview with Dr Joanne Bailey, GPC member

Egg Freezing

• How to apply for GP Training

Our new website has a fresh, professional look with regularly updated blogs, news and events along with information on everything a woman needs to know about being a doctor. In our opinion it's the best site for a woman doctor with everything you need in one place and you might just discover a competition you want to enter!

We've got even more.... Join in the discussion on Facebook, Twitter and Doccom, we love to share all our findings and to hear what you think on any topic, from being a doctor, to being a mother to just being a woman!

Finally, it would be great to see you all reading and enjoying Medical Woman at home, at work or on a far flung island! Please Tweet, Facebook or email us a photo.

When you've finished with your magazine please pass it on to a colleague or put it in the staff room for others to enjoy; you never know, you might be able to bring a new friend along to our next meeting or introduce a new member to MWF.

Hope to see you at our Aspects of Pain Conference in Oxford, next month.


MWF Officers and Office Staff

Medical Women's Federation
Tavistock House North,
Tavistock Square, London,
Tel: 020 7387 7765

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