Musings for the Doctors of 2013…

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medical school graduationAs exam fever rises for many final year medical students (for those who have not been fortunate to have taken theirs already) the anticipation of the next big project also looms – the responsibility of that 'Dr' title which you've been so eagerly awaiting to be bestowed on you for the last 5 years or more finally becomes reality.

What thoughts enter your mind first? The elation of a sea of proud relatives and friends at graduation day, or the sinking feeling that you fear being left to your own devices with a sick patient (and their relatives) in desperate need of your skills and putting all their faith into your new found expertise.

The fear of, dare I say, 'killing someone', failing to remember the basic ABC which rolled off your tongue so beautifully during that OSCE simulated station, may suddenly escape you when faced with a true emergency.

One can never quite appreciate the tachycardia caused by hearing the crash bleep sounding knowing that it's your responsibility to run for it and take action, rather than meekly following as a student to observe the commotion.

So, although at present, whilst shadowing your out-going F1 colleague, you may be feeling that you have big shoes to fill, my advice would be to always find time to ask questions, actually learn some medicine and how to be a good doctor, and then later reflect (not just for the sake of e-Portfolio, but that will be a topic for another day...).

Go forth, be strong and enjoy – Doctors of 2013! Good luck!


Golden Bell is an F1 Doctor in London

Comments or Questions regarding starting F1 are all welcome

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