Report from Clarissa Fabre, MWIA representative for the World Health Organisation

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I attended the World Health Assembly in Geneva earlier this year. Dr Margaret Chan, the

New and EventsDirector General of WHO is truly inspiring. As one speaker said 'When Dr Chan speaks, the world listens.' Progress has been made on the Millenium Development Goals (see below), but much remains to be done, especially in reducing child mortality and improving maternal health. 'Universal Health Coverage' is the new buzz-word, and many speakers referred to this – healthcare for everyone independent of the ability to pay, a blurring of the boundaries between the roles of different types of health professionals, and the effective deployment of community health workers. Non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and the obesity epidemic are WHO priorities for the future.

President's Blog - August 2013

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FE CornishThe never ending sunshine has no doubt left all members feeling not only cheered, but also vitamin D enriched. August is a relatively quiet time for MWF, but Anji and Fran have been beavering away in the office.

Musings for the Doctors of 2013…

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medical school graduationAs exam fever rises for many final year medical students (for those who have not been fortunate to have taken theirs already) the anticipation of the next big project also looms – the responsibility of that 'Dr' title which you've been so eagerly awaiting to be bestowed on you for the last 5 years or more finally becomes reality.

3) On Sabbatical in New Zealand - MWF President Elect Dr Sally Davies tells us all...

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Kia ora

The sun is shining on a clear crisp day here in Auckland. Daffodils are out and native plants are coming into bloom at the suggestion of early Spring. The citrus trees are laden and I love the New Zealnadnovelty of picking a fresh juicy lemon straight off the tree. My taste buds have become accustomed to both the tamarillo and vegemite.

2) On Sabbatical in New Zealand - MWF President Elect Dr Sally Davies tells us all...

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On sabbatical..Sallys Blog

I cannot believe how quickly my sabbatical period here in Auckland is passing, five weeks since I arrived and the prospect of returning to the UK approaching rapidly. The luxury of a sabbatical period away from the workplace is having time to read those articles and relevant documents that you would not get the opportunity to read in the busy clinical world. There is the added benefit of digital technology to keep up with rapidly occurring events at home and face-to-face contact with family and friends.

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