MWF has formal and invited representation on a number of different national and international committees, as well as charitable organisations. Details of these formal roles are given below, together with the key contact point. These individuals represent MWF at national level, so do not hesitate to contact Central Office if there are specific points you would like to raise.

Medical Women's International Association

MWIA UK National Coordinator: Dr Clarissa Fabre

The MWF is a member of the Medical Women’s International Association (MWIA), which has members from over 80 countries worldwide and aims to improve the health and lives of women and their families in all corners of the globe, as well as to improve the lives and careers of women doctors and medical students. Visit the MWIA website here.

BMA Women in Academic Medicine Committee

MWF Representative: Dr Samantha Moore

For more information click here

BMA Central Consultants and Specialists Committee

MWF Representative: Dr Amanda Owen

The UK Consultants Committee (UK CC) is the BMA Committee that represents all consultants in the UK. It deals with all matters affecting consultants, negotiates national terms and conditions, and takes an interest in all matters concerning the professional lives of consultants.

BMA General Practitioners Committee

MWF Representative: Dr Caroline Steel

The General Practitioners Committee is the BMA committee that deals with all matters that affect NHS GP’s. Find out more here.

BMA Public Health Medicine Committee

MWF Representative: Dr Kethaki Bhayankaram

The Public Health Medicine Committee (PHMC) is the BMA committee that discusses all matters affecting public health medicine and public health physicians. Find out more here.

BMA Refugee Doctors and Dentists Liaison Group

MWF Representative: Dr Rebecca Ryan

The Refugee Doctors and Dentists Liaison Group (RDDLG) is co - chaired by the British Medical Association and the British Dental Association. It includes a number of different organisations across the UK who specialise in helping refugee doctors establish a career in the UK. RDDLG supports the BMA Refugee Doctor Initiative which currently has approx 700 refugee doctors registered with it.

AoMRC Flexible Careers Committee

MWF Representative: Dr Angharad Davies

The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges  Flexible Careers Committee brings together College and Faculty representatives as well as representatives from the BMA, NHS Employers and the Medical Women’s Federation on issues relating to flexible working arrangements for medical and dental staff.


Women's Advisory Council for the United Nations (WACUNA)

 MWF Representative: Dr Devina Maru

WACUNA is a non-party-political organisation which provides a forum for the exchange of opinions with women's organisations on the work of the United Nations, its specialised agencies and United Nations Association.


MWF Representative: Dr Helen Hammond


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