Wales - Dr Aleena Haider


aleena haider 

Dr Aleena Haider is a junior doctor who achieved both her medical degree and BA in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge. She is currently pursuing a part-time masters in Health Policy at Imperial College London. Aleena has an interest in medical research, most of her focus lying within the respiratory and cardiology specialities.

As a strong advocate for doctors’ rights and representation, Aleena is a member of the Welsh Junior Doctors Committee and has been leader of the team for the Welsh Junior Doctors Contract Negotiations. During the pandemic, she spoke on the BBC Radio Wales morning show to address public concerns about government guidelines. Aleena has previously spent her summers volunteering at the Mary Adelaide Leprosy Centre in Karachi (Pakistan) and organising local outreach campaigns which aligns with her aim to improve public access to and perception of healthcare. She believes that a strong foundation in health policy, combined with her medical experience outside of training, will help her implement meaningful improvements in the future.

Aleena enjoys running and tennis, and can often be found playing the piano on her days off from work. She is incredibly passionate about promoting women’s rights within the medical field. Aleena looks forward to being on the MWF committee to represent her fellow colleagues and cater to a diverse range of talented women.

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