MWF Treasurer - Dr Angharad Ruttley


AngharadAngharad Ruttley 4 4 002 is a Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in Liaison Psychiatry. Currently she is Acting Medical Director (Mental Health, Luton and Bedfordshire) at East London Foundation Trust, having joined ELFT as Clinical Director for Crisis and Perinatal care in 2019.

She trained at St George’s Hospital Medical School and gained her first Consultant Psychiatrist post in 2009. She studied psychiatry on the St Mary’s and East London rotations and has worked as a Liaison Psychiatrist in East and West London hospitals during her consultant career. She holds a Master’s degree in Medical Law. Her interests in equity of access and integration of mental and physical health services first led her into medical management in 2012, first as a Clinical Lead with colleagues in North West London developing Liaison and Perinatal Psychiatry Services, then as a Clinical Director in a combined operational and clinical leadership role at West London Trust. Along the way she has had two sons, now 5 and 7 years old, and is bringing them up with her partner in St Albans.

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