Medical Student Representative - Akshara Sharma


Akshara Sharma is a Medical Student at Aston University and has been the MWF Medical Student representative for Aston University for the past 2 years.  She is delighted to be the Medical Student Representative on council Akshara Sharmaand is keen to continue strengthening, voicing, and working on MWF’s goals and objectives. Akshara aims to represent medical student’s ideas to work on MWF’s goals together as a team. She aims to make this an enjoyable and positive experience for all team members.

Akshara is determined to continue MWF’s work on amplifying women’s voices in the medical field, increasing opportunities, breaking down barriers and misconceptions.

She has enjoyed taking an active initiative in designing, organising, and hosting several national events in the past for the MWF and the British Indian Surgical Association. These varied from Surgery Focussed events to Women in Medicine, Women in Surgery, and Leadership.

Locally at Aston University, she has Led an initiative in Peer Assisted Learning Scheme in collaboration with the Senior Academics at Aston Medical School. She is also the Co-Founder and Past Chairperson of the Aston Surgical Society and the Founder and Past President of the Aston MWF Society.

Akshara has interests in Medical Education, Healthcare Leadership and Management.

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