Dr Fizzah Ali – Editor of Medical Woman

dr fizzah aliDr Fizzah Ali is a neurology registrar based at the Royal Free Hospital in London. She originally studied medicine at university, also intercalating in Psychological Medicine. During her time at medical school Fizzah was awarded essay prizes including a Gilbert Barling prize and the Professor Mary Robertson prize, a national prize.

Following graduation, Fizzah commenced combined clinical and academic training. She went on to complete an Academic Foundation Programme, before moving into a competitive National Institute of Health Research funded Academic Clinical Fellowship at the level of core medical training. During this period, Fizzah completed Membership of the Royal College of Physicians exams. Over the course of her integrated clinical-academic training she has authored multiple scientific papers, won poster prizes, and obtained a grant in order to conduct research abroad.

More recently, Fizzah commenced neurology specialist training at the Royal Free Hospital, developing skills to help with a variety of neurological conditions including headache, seizures, and Parkinson’s disease.

As a less-than-full-time trainee, she has been involved with the British Medical Association’s less-than-full-time forum, women in academic medicine group, and junior academic trainees sub-committee. Fizzah has also been involved with components of the British Medical Association’s media work, whether appearing in a video on flexible training or appearing in BMJ Learning modules. Following recent news about the gender pay gap, Fizzah has also discussed the junior doctor viewpoint for the BBC and Sky News.

Fizzah is thrilled to be editor of Medical Woman. It seems particularly relevant as a Royal Free doctor - the first hospital to permit female medical students. She envisages a colourful magazine catering to a diverse range of women, discussing a breadth of topics of interest to the modern medical woman.

Outside of work, Fizzah enjoys drawing and painting, yoga, writing and travelling. She plans to launch her blog ‘Finding Fizzah’, discussing a variety of perspectives and issues around women in medicine in the New Year.