Co-Opted Member of Council - Dr Jasmine Thomas


Jasmine ThomasDr Jasmine Thomas completed her medical degree in Norwich in 2010 and qualified as a GP in 2016. Since then she has been working as a GP in the Norfolk area. In 2018, she completed a Masters in Gender Studies at the University of East Anglia, with a particular focus on women in medicine. During this year, she expanded her knowledge of feminist theory and activism and was able to learn more about topics such as queer theory and the relationship between gender and power. She is particularly interested in the gender disparities between medical specialties and, for her dissertation, researched the factors that influence the specialty choice of women GPs.

Outside of medicine, she is a member of the Fawcett Society, a UK charity that advocates for gender equality and women’s rights and is in the process of setting up a local group in Norwich. In her spare time, she enjoys travelling and exploring new countries.


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