What the MWF can do for Consultants

  • Networking: many of the members of MWF are or have been consultants within the NHS. Over the years the excellent networking which MWF affords has helped them at whatever stage of their career they were at. Membership provides the opportunity for learning from women leaders about how they achieve their career goals.

  • ACCEA Applications: The MWF is a nominating body and is able to review and support the applications of some consultant members each year.

  • Support in developing your career and fulfilling your potential, looking at the options for developing a portfolio career and working less-than-full-time if that is what you need at different times in your career. Many MWF members have portfolio careers (eg. Deans, University lecturers etc.) and our events provide an opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues.

  • Access to mentoring/coaching, plus opportunities to support women medical students and doctors starting on their careers - giving something back that you may have received when you were starting out.

  • Support for work developing better services for women and their families

  • Networking links with organisations in the voluntary sector working with women

  • Opportunities for CPD events with other women doctors

  • Support if you ever run into difficulties or disputes at work


The Medical Women's Federation has a representative on BMA CCSC. This representative takes the concerns and views of women consultants to this forum.

Bi-annual Meeting

Our bi-annual meetings give women consultants the opportunity to network, meeting with like minded colleagues who are positive and open to change and development, and also to gain CPD points for the talks and presentations. Over the years we have been fortunate to attract some highly illustrious speakers to these events.