Junior Doctor Prize 2020 - Artistic Winner 

by Dr Victoria Evans  


Picture 1


It feels pertinent to celebrate the BAME NHS workforce, who have been one of the hardest-hit by the covid-19 outbreak, whilst also suffering the more insidious pandemic of systemic racism, both inside and outside the workplace. There have been multiple reported incidences of racial profiling in the UK. In America, police brutality has recently been described as one of the leading causes of death in young black males, and the recent high-profile killing of a young black man out jogging, due to a case of mistaken identity, is almost inconceivable. This drawing is intended to invite consideration of how we judge a person by their appearance and to reflect on how far we have to come before true equality exists. The NHS is one of the most diverse organisations in the world to exist; we must recognise, appreciate and applaud those who put their lives on the line daily, not just by clapping for our carers, but by caring for them too. This is a time for change; just imagine how the “new normal” could be.