MWF Junior Doctor Prize 2021 - Artistic Winner



Artistic Winner of the MWF Junior Doctor Prize 2021 by Afra Jiwa 


This piece was created on a tablet, as this is the new normal! It depicts six different characters each having been affected by the pandemic. The scenes show them sharing their feelings and concerns about returning to ‘normal’. 

Each of the characters have similarities and differences; they span differences in gender, age, race, class, religion and disability. Comparing the scenes is intended to highlight the difference in experiences and how these individuals are going to be affected. 

Whilst everyone has struggled with COVID in one way or another it was clear that COVID was no great equaliser. Research has indicated that the pandemic seemed to magnify the inequality faced, primarily by women, low-income families and BAME individuals across the spectrum - women are facing drastic movements towards career regression as many were forced into childcare duties; BAME individuals were at substantially higher risk with their health and low-income families struggled with the consequences of smaller housing arrangements. 

Ultimately the consequences of the pandemic are yet to play out as we return ‘back to normal’, but it seems inevitable that there will be long lasting effects on the most vulnerable members of our community. 



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