Highly Commended Prize Winner - MWF Junior Doctor Prize Prose Entry


Why women doctors are the solution to the NHS workforce crisis

‘Why women doctors are the solution to the NHS workforce crisis'

Dr Ramsha Nabeel, Highly Commended Entry of the MWF Junior Doctor Prize 2023



In a dire time of need

Less doctors around to be seen

Comes a time for action

For more women doctors, a vital faction


Compassionate, gentle and oh so keen

So much potential, it's time to be seen

The time has come to chase

Their skills, their brilliance we must embrace


In the world of medicine, they provide

A unique perspective, an excellent guide

With empathy flowing through their veins

Addressing all their patients' woeful pains


A gentle voice, a new safe haven

A space so rare, with so much care

They listen, comfort, and heal

Their presence alone, a soothing seal


For patients they build trust

A feeling that is a must

For they feel heard

Their stories acknowledged not blurred


For women's health they advocate

Ensuring rights in this state

Fighting for justice, equality

A voice for all, a noble policy


So let us invite these women in white

For their dedication and vigorous fight

For more women doctors we must acquire

A solution that extinguishes this fire


For in their hands, a future lies,

Where healthcare flourishes, and hope never dies,

More women doctors, the answer we seek,

A world transformed, compassionate and unique






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