MWF Statement on Israel and Gaza Conflict


The Medical Women's Federation has been profoundly saddened by recent horrific events in Israel and Gaza. Women and children are disproportionately the victims of such conflict and humanitarian catastrophes.

Our thoughts are with those staff working in medical and humanitarian roles. We mourn news of the loss of doctors, dentists, paramedics, nurses and medical students.

We urge all involved to respect the principle of medical impartiality and to ensure access to essential health services including throughout pregnancy. We condemn actions that compromise the integrity of healthcare facilities, the safety of medical colleagues, and the lives of patients in any conflict. The safety of colleagues in healthcare must be guaranteed for the continued delivery of skills that support life, maintain health, and restore dignity.

At this time, we strongly urge all leaders to demonstrate compassion and integrity, and to prevent further loss of life and injury. We deeply wish to see ceasefire. We are warmed to see, and support, women’s peace movements from both sides that unite in common humanity. We encourage elevating such voices of peace.

As an organisation, we believe women are key to society’s health and wellbeing. Just as we strive for the rights of women, we stand for equality in all its forms. Any abuse based on race, religion, and nationality is unacceptable.

Our hearts are with those affected by the loss and turbulence of conflict and extends to their friends and family.

These links are provided for members who seek further information: United Nations Women or to make a donation:

- Professor Scarlett McNally, MWF President


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