MWF Webinar - Women in Academia with Dr Gaia Giannone



Join us on Tuesday 5th December at 6pm - 7pm for a webinar organised by our student representative at Imperial College Adele Schiff and led by Dr Gaia Giannone. 

Dr Gaia Giannone is a medical oncologist currently undertaking a PhD at Imperial.

She initially trained in Italy, achieving her undergraduate in Rome and specialising at the University of Turin. Within her training as a medical oncologist, she had the chance to work in a hospital extremely focused on translational research within cancer and shadowed researchers and clinicians and attended seminars about this. Her main area of research is in gynaecological cancer, having worked in this type of clinic and performed clinical research in a national network called MITO.

During her training, she came to London to the McNeish lab where, with the team, she developed a translational project in platinum-resistant ovarian cancer treated with dual mTORC inhibitors. It became her area of research. She was so inspired by translational research in the McNeish lab, the whole team and the unique mentorship offered by Professor McNeish that she decided to try and stay. As a result, she won a fellowship from ESMO and then AIRC, both in the setting of ovarian cancer, and is now doing a PhD in Imperial. Her main goal is to integrate lab and clinical research and act as a bridge between the two’

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