National Clinical Impact Awards - 2022 Awards


Changes to the ACCEA system from 2022

Following a consultation, to which MWF responded, there is reform of the national ACCEA system for consultants and academic GPs. The changes mean a very tight timescale this year for receiving applications for MWF support. Applications to ACCEA open on 27 April 2022. Applications for MWF support must be received at MWF by 17:00 on 16 May 2022

Main changes

New title: National Clinical Impact award NCIA

Awards no longer pensionable

Full award paid to successful application even if less than full time (no pro rata rate)

Double the number of awards available in total (will be approx. 600)

New levels of award payable for 5 years

- 330 x N1 each of £20k pa

- 200 x N2 each of £30k pa

- 70 x N3 each of £40K pa

No renewals of awards, instead a new application would need to be made in year of expiry of award.

Application is for a national award and level cannot be specified, but level for successful candidates will be based on scores given by the regional scoring subcommittees.

New IT system for applications.

No extra forms.

2 clinical domains (service development/delivery, and leadership). 1 education domain (UG, PG and public), 1 domain for innovation and research domain.

New 5th domain for “other contribution” (eg international work, health inequalities work, public health, innovative working, work on NHS plan, etc etc.

Domains will have increased character limit to 2000. More space to include publications.

Transition arrangements being finalised for those currently in receipt of NCEA, but applicants are obliged to accept NCIA and relinquish NCEA

National Nominating Bodies reduced from 147 down to approx. 60-70 to prevent “weighting” by applicants citing more than one, and new name of National Nominating Organisations (NNO).

Medical Women’s Federation will remain a NNO.

Only 1 citation may be used in application.

If applicant is considering using 2 NNOs, both organisations must be made aware.

NNOs to invite and complete score/rank applications within 4 weeks of opening date for applications, and create A list of definite support based on number of citations NNO is permitted to submit, and may create a B list of reserve applicants if they chose to do so.

- If only 1 NNO involved, citation for successful candidate will be written.

- If more than 1 NNO involved, each NNO must inform applicant whether they are on A list, and allow applicant to accept or reject the offer of a citation, as only 1 may be submitted. If offer of citation accepted, citation then to be written and submitted with application.

2022 Round will be open 27 April – 22 June but MWF is expected to have ranked applications within 4 weeks of opening date ie by 25 May, therefore applications to MWF must be received by 17:00 on 16 May 2022 to allow time for panel to consider them.

Citations must focus on national benefit of the work done by individual.

NNOs must report on diversity of panel. Link to ACCEA updates: National Clinical Impact Awards: 2022 round dates - GOV.UK (

Link to ACCEA updates: National Clinical Impact Awards: 2022 round dates, click here

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