The Society of Assistance for Medical Families Dinner


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Our co-treasurers, Angharad Ruttley and Rashmi Mathew attended a celebration dinner at the Worshipful Society of Apothecaries as guests of The Society of Assistance for Medical Families on behalf of MWF. This medical charity, founded in 1788, helps doctors and their families in times of hardship. During the evening two young doctors told how the society’s financial and practical assistance had helped them through difficult times and supported them to fulfil their ambition to become doctors. Dr Priya Singh, Executive Director of the charity, highlights the need to ensure that women doctors today have the information and support to be financially aware and resilient in a changing world where women doctors are increasingly the primary earner in the household. We look forward to exploring further how our charities can work together in supporting women doctors achieve their career aspirations. You can learn more about SAMF here

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