National Clinical Excellence Awards

National Clinical Excellence Awards - 2021 Round

 Clinical Excellence Awards recognise and reward NHS consultants and academic GPs who perform 'over and above' the standard expected of their role. The Advisory Committee on Clinical Excellence Awards gives awards for quality and excellence, acknowledging personal contributions.

 MWF are a nominating body and we will be assisting members who are applying for new awards. MWF will be open for citation applications from Monday 21st December 2020 and will close on midnight on Sunday 31st Janauary 2021.

There are several changes to this year’s application round which includes the removal of additional forms for domains 3, 4 and 5 with an increased character limit for each of these domains. Additionally, MWF will only be permitted to provide citations for applications for new awards or those renewing for a higher award.

We would strongly advise you to check the ACCEA website for further information. 

We want to encourage more and more women to apply for this award, to break the glass ceiling and reach the leadership positions you deserve!

To receive MWF assistance you must be an MWF member.

You can download all the required forms here.

You will also need to complete this form when applying for assistance from MWF.

We also have also put together '21 Top Tips for Completing your ACCEA application' and we suggest you take a look at it here.



Local Clinical Excellence Awards

As many members may be aware, LCEA guidelines state that part-time consultants are eligible for CEAs which are paid on a pro-rata basis. However, it is MWF’s belief that LTFT consultants should be paid the same as full-time colleagues as inputs, scoring and outputs are the same for any given number of CEAs. MWF would also like to draw our members attention to variations that may exist in different trusts and we would like to encourage members to bring the below NHS Employers guidance to the attention of your LNC Chair.

NHS Employers state on their website 

“employers have the discretion to reach agreement locally about the proportion of award that part-time consultants can receive and can agree with their LNC not to pro-rata the award for part-time consultants.”

MWF is interested in learning whether our members are aware of the local variations that exist and we would be really grateful if you could spare a few minutes to fill out this survey. Please click here.


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