MWF Response to Front of Pack Nutrition Labelling Consultation


Obesity is a complex problem recognised as a public health issue. To help address one factor of this issue, the front of pack nutrition labelling (FOPNL), the Government are consulting to inform future improvements to the UK Government and Devolved Administration's recommended FOPNL, to ensure that the UK's label remains the most effective at informing healthier choices. The traffic light system familiar to many has had some success, though a recent survey, it showed that 20% of the population do not look at it, it also showed that 69% of participants agreed that a FOPNL was useful when trying to choose a healthier diet.  Other issues raised were that sugar was seen as the most important information on the label and that people shopping from lower socio – economic groups pay less attention to FOPNL. The MWF supports the continuation of the traffic light system of food labelling, but this needs to be utilised in conjunction with greater understanding of obesity. Business also needs to be encouraged to adopt this system, as coverage is not currently uniform.

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