MWF Student Webinar - Maximising Academic Experience: Student guide


Date of event: 06/06/23 @ 5:30pm

Venue: Online – MS Teams

Title: Maximising Academic Experience: Student guide (Webinar 1 of Research Series)

Info: Do you want to maximise points for CST/IMT training? Want to maximise the output of the research work? Not sure what tools and resources can help facilitate your research efficiency? Want to know where, how, and why to start? Then this is where it's at! We are calling all medical student members to attend for FREE as part of our Student Member Offer.

You can become an MWF student member now @ for just 5pounds! in addition to the benefits of the MWF membership you can enjoy access to high-quality, quality assured, expert reviewed guides, recordings, and webinars to a range of our upcoming webinars.

Upcoming webinars for the next four months:

1)      How to write a robust manuscript

2)      Conference Presentations: the beginning to the end to everything in between.

3)      Building and Enhancing your portfolio. (Covering Surgical, ACCS, Paeds, Obgyn, IMT portfolios)

More to be announced closer to the dates! Stay tuned!

Detailed Guides, recordings, and slides will be posted on our MWF members section and be emailed to student member attendees.



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