Vacancy - MWF Digital Honorary Archivist


We are currently looking for a suitable candidate to fill the role of MWF Digital Honorary Archivist. The role will primarily focus on identifying digital materials held electronically on the MWF drive to donate to the Wellcome Trust. You will work closely with our other Honorary Archivist and the Central Office team. We are particularly looking for a member who is very confident using modern technology and shares an appreciation of the rich history of MWF.

Overall purpose of the role:

  • Evaluate the organisation of the digital records for preservation and retention
  • Liaise with the Wellcome Trust to transfer relevant documents over to them
  • Respond to enquiries from MWF members and members of the public regarding the MWF archive, liaising with the Wellcome Trust
  • Work with Wellcome to enable the digitisation of the MWF archives
  • Promote and raise awareness of the MWF archive

If you are interested in this role, kindly send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a CV and a short statement ( max 400 words) on why you are interested.

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