GMC Good Medical Practice Review


We are delighted to be helping the GMC gain perspectives from as many medical women as possible for their review of Good Medical Practice. They are particularly keen to hear the perspectives of medical women, so the MWF is facilitating some small group sessions for them to hear from medical students and junior doctors in May and then all doctors in June.

Each session will be on a different theme of the consultation e.g. inclusive cultures, bias, teamworking etc. so you are welcome to attend multiple sessions. The GMC are yet to decide which theme will be on which date.

Please do pass this on to all of your colleagues – we are keen to open this up to all medical women, not just MWF members. Our aim is to help as many medical women’s voices be heard as possible.

Links to register are below. 

Student and Junior Doctors 25th May 12:00-13:15

Student and Junior Doctors 30th May 12:00-13:15

Student and Junior Doctors 31st May 19:00-20:15 

Women Doctors 15th June 12:00-13:00 ( Link to join the meeting)

Women Doctors 22nd June 19:00-20:15

The GMC will provide certificates for all particpants that can be used for eportfolios/CPD.

You are also able to respond to the consultation individually  – it closes on the 20th of July.  We would like to encourage you all to respond and encourage your medical women colleagues to respond too. Click here for the consultation.

We will also be responding as an organisation. 

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