MWF statement on difficulties for women doctors in leadership role

The Medical Women's Federation is saddened that yet again a woman doctor elected or appointed to a leadership position has that role terminated. As the largest organisation of women doctors and medical students in the UK, we hear this pattern repeatedly. We know there is sexism and racism in organisations and across the NHS. We know things are worse for women of colour. We know that women are held to different standards compared with men. Institutions doing things the way they have always done them creates a blind spot or group-think where projects can fail. Increasing diversity creates better future outcomes because nothing is assumed and details have to be clarified. Increasing diversity can be challenging but should be welcomed by organisations and by individuals. Rules need to be clear and fair. Everyone should be valued for what they can bring. There is a leaky pipeline and we are losing much of our best talent - as well as there being a negative impact on the ousted woman and her family. There are many ways that organisations can support, develop and promote diverse women, especially by: being clear about role expectations, promoting role shares, having long application windows and fixed terms of office, supporting parental leave and ensuring sufficient time, money and administrative support for those in developmental leadership roles. A more diverse workforce is safer. We should stop seeing women as the problem. 

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